Preventive Maintenance

Most businesses today are in a reactive mode when it comes to their computer environments. Only when an item breaks is any attention given to it. The cost of this approach is often not truly understood.

When a system fails it usually fails at a time when uptime is critical. It may take several hours or days for the machine to return to an operational state, while in the meantime you have had to make alternative arrangements. This usually comes in the fashion of manually capturing data on paper, multiple people trying to access information on one machine, or other emergency methods causing frustration and delays.

Additionally, once the machine is operational again, users are required to capture information into systems or catch up on work that was unable to be completed.

All of this comes at an immense cost to an organisation. The truth of the matter is that in most cases, this could have been prevented. Machines often give warning signs of imminent failure, which if monitored, could be resolved prior to the incident occurring. The result will in some cases still require physical maintenance and downtime on machines. The benefit of this approach is that downtime can be scheduled for a time that is convenient to the business.

The preventive approach has proven time and time again to be the best approach to network support.

We recommend that businesses undertake a services contract with South West ComputAble to manage and maintain the network environment through a preventive approach.

The activities in the preventive approach include monitoring and maintenance of all network services. The desktop and server environment can also be monitored to identify any potential issues so that they can be addressed prior to an incident occurring. A certain amount of time will be allocated for an engineer to perform the necessary system checks and maintenance, either remotely or on-site. Businesses will also benefit from the guaranteed response time given with service contracts. These response times ensure you have a clear understanding of the timeframe involved with having an engineer address network problems.

For further information on South West ComputAble’s preventive maintenance plans, please contact 0897555406, and speak with Ross or Oscar.

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