Our Staff – the Heart of SWC

SWC’s strength is built on its ethos of providing high quality, client-focussed computing solutions, based on professionalism and integrity.

This can only be possible through the efforts of a unified team of skilled people.

All staff at South West ComputAble are selected and further trained on their ability to listen, empathise, analyse, evaluate, solve, implement, test, encourage and explain.

These skills, combined with comprehensive ‘real world’ technical ability, are a potent combination contributing to our clients’ satisfaction.

Good interpersonal skills in tandem with sound technical skills are vital. Especially so, given that a large proportion of service clients are confronted with computing problems or needs that directly affect their business, education or finances.

Our clients are treated with respect and understanding, regardless of their computer literacy. Solutions provided are explained clearly, tailored to the level of understanding of the particular client.

Staff have considerable experience in the broad gamut of technical issues faced. They also have individual, specialised areas of expertise, and a knowledge of industry related trends and best practice.

When combined with a supportive work environment where joint problem solving is encouraged, the resolution of client issues and the provision of appropriate solutions is assured.

It is not enough to be either technically brilliant or a ‘good bloke’. The combination of expertise and communication is a potent influence on South West ComputAble’s success.

Please, meet our team (in no particular order!):

Ross Hastie  – Managing Director / Owner – ross@computable.com.au

Ross formed South West ComputAble in late 1993, following a successful career in education as a teacher and principal, including as principal of Cowaramup Primary School. Ross’s broad skills and understanding of computing and its practical applications, along with considerable organizational and communication skills, enable him to lead the SWC team with a well-defined focus.

In the precious non-work times Ross enjoys his family, being in the bush, camping, prospecting, fishing and music. He is also a Volunteer Ambulance Officer. He was a founding member of the rock band “The Impressions”, and followed his son’s music career with as much enthusiasm.

Kerry Hastie – Partner – kerry@computable.com.au

A founding Partner in the business and full-time teacher, Kerry’s current roles include business development and planning. Kerry’s innate ability to analyse and advise is a vital cog in the SWC machine. Creative pursuits, camping, friends, family and the veggie garden are Kerry’s non-work passions.

Xander Loxley – Computer Technician – xander@computable.com.au

With experience and skills in hardware and software troubleshooting and repair, combined with facets of a wide range of computer issues, Xander is a very important part of the SWC team.

Since 2006 his particular blend of skills and experience has enabled Xander to undertake projects ranging from the simple through to the complex, and keeps us all up to date on malware and virus issues and solutions.

Always a client favourite, Xander is also an accomplished electronic music composer and an avid gamer.

Oscar Adrian – Mac Specialist and Service Manager – oscar@computable.com.au

Ozzie joined the team in 2010 and has quickly become a vital part of the business. Sought after by clients for his skills and his helpfulness, he has a commanding knowledge of both Windows and Apple hardware, software and networking. His pro-active nature, along with his considerable skills and abilities has seen him quickly rise to the position of Service Manager.

It is his ability with Apple products, in particular, that has seen him undertake study and achieve qualifications that have enabled him to be the Mac specialist with responsibility for overseeing Apple sales and service.

Ozzie is a sport all-rounder, choosing to work with SWC over selection for the Australian cricket team, the West Coast Eagles and the World PGA tour.

Kevin Cartwright – Computer Technician – kevin@computable.com.au

Kevin’s all-round skills enable him to tackle and solve a wide range of workshop problems. He is well known throughout the area through his previous business, Newvek Computers, and is well-respected in the field. Kevin’s depth of experience and commitment to seeing the job done right makes him a valuable asset to our team.

Kevin is kept busy out of work hours by his active involvement in emergency services as both a Firey and Ambo!

Dylan Winfield – Computer Technician – dylan@computable.com.au

Dylan came to us after working in IT in Perth and Melbourne for a number of years. Highly recommended by previous workplaces, Dylan has the perfect fit to round out the SWC service team. He has a wide range of skills and abilities across Windows and Mac platforms and is as much at home in a full network environment as he is providing advice and assistance to the home user.

Always calm and relaxed (a rare attribute in a stressful industry!), Dylan has quickly become very popular with clients.

The music business entertains Dylan outside of work hours.

Leanne O’Dea – Accounts and Administration – accounts@computable.com.au

Amy Sobol – Accounts and Administration – accounts@computable.com.au

More than just the ever-helpful voices first heard when contacting SWC, Leanne and Amy undertake the daunting tasks of accounting, office management and stock adjustment – and looking after a team of boys!

Since beginning at SWC, both Leanne and Amy have streamlined accounting processes and systems, hugely contributing to the efficiency of the business. Any enquiries to do with accounts will be handled promptly and efficiently – and always with a smile!

Mesa Group Pty Ltd and Aguawebs– Our specialist web partners – Mesa Group website

When Mike Donnici left employment at South West Computable to return to Sydney, he formed Mesa Group with business partner, Nik Wright. Years later, our excellent relationship and like-thinking in terms of client satisfaction, meant that the perfect partnership for developing high quality web content could flourish. Mesa and Aguawebs provide our high-level design and database services, offering top shelf product to our local clients, through SWC. Check out more here.





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