On May 18, 2017, in Internet, Microsoft, Virus, by swc

Following the emergence of the Jaff ransomware attack campaign earlier this week, another, even bigger outbreak is making headlines. The culprit? A new ransomware family called WannaCry or WCry. Spotted earlier today, WCry caught the attention of the team due to it being spread via the recently exposed NSA shadow broker exploits. WCry took many […]


Spotlight on Ransomware: How ransomware works Part 1

On May 4, 2017, in Internet, Latest News, Virus, by swc

Spotlight on Ransomware: How ransomware works Understanding how ransomware works is no easy task. Outside of cyber security circles, grasping the complexities required to protect and prevent ransomware from harming its victims can seem almost impossible. This only makes the threat all the scarier and effective for the criminals that stand to profit. In Emsisoft’s […]