An Apple Solution for Everyone, from the people who know Apple!


South West ComputAble has been the primary Authorised Apple Solutions Reseller and Upgrade Centre in the South West for well over a decade – a long time before the bandwagon started getting crowded!

We have been providing and servicing Apple hardware and software in the region since 1994, and have an extensive professional, industry and home user client base running on Apple computers.

We can provide all your Apple needs, from the latest hardware and software, to the peripherals and other software needed to run your business, work productively, and enjoy a digital lifestyle.

Whether for home or work, Apple has a model that will suit your needs, be it the stylish iMac, the tiny Mac mini, the powerhouse Mac Pro, the go anywhere MacBook and MacBook Air and powerful MacBook Pro.

We stock the revolutionary iPad and can provide you with whatever iPad accessory you choose.

Our trained and experienced Mac team are happy to give you all the advice and assistance you need to make your decisions – whether you are a long-term Mac user, or thinking about making the switch.

Please call or drop in to get experienced Apple sales and service right in your local area.

We’d love to see you!

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